Our Favorite Products

Here are a Few of My Favorite Things

I needed a home for sharing all the things that I love & use everyday! Everything I share is something I use – affiliate links were pursued later, and they are used throughout this site! 

Horses are expensive – so all commissions go to them! I think they deserve everything they get, so thank you for your support in supporting them! Have you read their stories?


Comfortable, all-terrain protection for your horse’s hoofs. Easy to size, easy to fit, easy to use and easy to care for – just plain easy all around! Unsure about going barefoot? 
I have a page about that!

hay chix hay net slow feeder


Super convenient and economical solution to providing your horse with 24/7 access to forage hay. Not sure why you should be doing that?
I have a page about that too!

striphair gentle groomer for all horses all year long


The #1 grooming tool ever. I only use this tool for grooming my horse’s entire body – well, I do still use a hoof pick and mane & tail brush, but you get the idea. All seasons, this tool has endless uses!

Omega Fields

I’ve been feeding Omega Fields products since 2018, and can directly attribute it to many obvious changes. Best quality flax supplement in the US, also in treat form. It is a forever supplement for us!


The highest quality aloe vera available on the market. But why would you want that? Because it can literally save your horse’s life (or dog/cat/anyone). I’m not kidding, I have seen it work its magic!

NANOFLEX: Advanced Joint Support

An effective, topical joint supplement. I use this on myself, my family, and my horses – it feels like magic, but its science! Learn more on this page, or checkout my blog post about my personal experiences here.