StripHair Gentle Groomer

The Gentle Groomer

The ultimate grooming tool. Literally the only thing I use on the entire body of my horses, all year long! There is NO BLADE, so nothing to harm the skin or coat. Nothing to rust or break, just simple genius that will last you years & years. The flexible material conforms to every curve of the body, and it is gentle enough to use on the legs, face, and inner thighs. The material is durable enough to use on saddle pads & upholstery too!

But what does it actually do? Everything – it does everything. Yes, I know that sounds like an exaggeration. 

Let me explain.

striphair removes loose hair


The StripHair will remove loose hair & dirt all day long – but ONLY hair that has been naturally released. It will NOT CUT HAIR EVER. There is no blade – it is 100% rubber.

striphair for shedding horses winter coat


And SHINE! Developed specifically for massage, this tool has been proved to increase circulation. It also helps spread the natural oils of the skin & coat.

striphair for massage and adds shine to the coat


It is so comfy that you might forget you have it in your back pocket! I have ridden and driven my car with it and totally forgotten it was there – oops. 

striphair fits in your pocket comfortably


The diamonds on the flat side work wonderfully to lather shampoo, and the special edge removes water with ease. 

striphair is great for squeegeeing water


So gentle, you can use it on bare skin & bony areas…there’s also a softer version in red for pets! Thanos LOVES being groomed with his, even though he hardly has fur in places.

striphair for dogs is super soft and flexible


The material will not harbor bacterial growth. It is so easy to clean – simply rinse it off and it will dry in a minute or two! I simply wash mine by using it for bath time.

striphair is easy to rinse clean

How You Use it Matters!

When I first got my StripHair – I was disappointed. It did not win me over the first time I tried it. You see, I have a problem with reading instructions… and I did not realize something that looks so simple could require skill! 

I was wrong.

First of all, you will only see the oh so satisfying shedding once your horse is naturally releasing their coat. The StripHair might seem like magic, but it is not! It only removes stuff that is not attached to your horse.

Second, that magical effect requires that you use the tool at a 45 degree angle! Note how I hold the Gentle Groomer and use the EDGE to bring out hair & dirt. Not the side – the actual edge. The flat side with the diamonds is great for scrubbing mud, sweat marks, and for distributing a great shine once you’re done!

The button below will take you to StripHair’s website to learn more & buy your own Gentle Groomer! I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase, which helps me support my wonderful animals! 

The People Behind StripHair

What’s better than a highly functional product that is top quality & super innovative? One that has been dreamed up & developed by a wonderful woman! I’ve actually met Betty, the creator of StripHair! We became quick friends thanks to our shared love of animals & tea. ☕ The business is run by Betty and her sister, Sunday – two great women who strive to create products for the health & wellness of animals, and convenience for you! I love supporting small businesses – don’t you?

Other Products

Betty, the creator of StripHair, didn’t stop at the Gentle Groomer – she has developed some wonderful grooming wipes for both horses and dogs too! There is also a product called Healthy Skin, which is an all natural spray that I use on myself quite a lot – it helps with anything itchy, especially bug bites! It smells great too 🙂

striphair for cleaning saddle pads
saddle pad cleaning before and after
striphair removes dirt and dust
gentle groomer used on legs of horse

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