About Me

I like capturing moments to share forever; memories that will not be forgotten with time.  Portraits of people and pets are my favorite! I also enjoy landscape photography, particularly long exposure shots. 

I graduated from Cal Poly, SLO in 2014 and have been doing various work in marketing and photography since then! I have two horses, two dogs, and two cats that motivate me to take photos all day everyday 😉 

If you're graduating from college, I offer a discount for senior portraits. Just ask! I also do discounted shoots if you only need a couple of professional head-shots for your LinkedIn, etc. 

I also have a blog with various animal related posts that can be found here!

Clicker Training

I believe in rescuing animals, and in keeping their minds stimulated throughout their lives with fun tricks and games. I use clicker training methods with all my pets to help keep communication clear. Check out my blog for inspiration to start your own games with your furrier friends! I have posts about horses, dogs, cats. Check out the whole crew on the About Us page!

For those that are new to incorporating the clicker into their lives, check out our Getting Started posts and FAQ's. Keep in mind, progress is the goal, not perfection!

Always praise good effort, never punish for failure.