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From clicker training, DIY projects to product reviews. I have horses, dogs, cats and chickens and write things about them here 🙂

Offering portraits for all occasions, and special discounts for senior portraits. Product photography can be both white/black background or lifestyle. Email me at smile@when-it-clicks.com.

Who doesn't love to cool off on a hot day with a frozen treat? Well, our pets love this too! You can make endless tasty combinations for your dog or cat, and they'll love you for experimenting with new things. Ingredients like yogurt, banana, peanut butter, fruit, meat broth, meats and even their wet food can all make delicious popsicles for your furry friends.  Read more >

Browse our blog posts that are suitable for beginners in trick training or learning to teach with the clicker. Most of our posts are aimed towards horses, but many are applicable to any species. Read more >