Nanotechnology & Joint Support for Your Horse

I love technology and its applications to improve the lives of our beloved horses. While the natural stuff is powerful and close to my heart, finding something straight from the future is pretty exciting. This joint supplement accomplishes something I believed to be impossible - sending lubrication support straight to the troubled joint. It is called NANOFLEX! (And yes, there is a coupon at the end)

Product Review: EverPillow by InfiniteMoon

After waking up with neck discomfort for awhile, I sought out a new pillow! I'd had my pillow for years, and while it was better than your basic pillow it just wasn't working for me like it use to! I'm a big fan of customization, which is why the EverPillow caught my attention. It is fully adjustable & customizable, so you can have an extra stuffed fluffy pillow one night and a flatter pillow the next if you want! This enables you to find the perfect balance for your body. (Coupon at the end!)

Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth

About a year ago, I spent a large portion of my savings on the perfect saddle for Tucker. This was immediately before the pandemic - great timing on my part! 🤣 I knew I wanted a top quality girth to go with this saddle, so turned to Total Saddle Fit. After about 8 months of using this girth, I can honestly say I am super impressed by the quality and design.

Hock & Fetlock Shields by Click Horse Products

A few years ago, Tucker started developing fetlock and hock sores from laying down on harder surfaces. They only became a real issue when he moved to a dirt lot without any softer areas to lay down. Instead of using the classic upside down bell boot, I wanted to see if there was something out there that was more comfortable and lightweight since he would be wearing it 24/7 for the foreseeable future. And let's be real - Tucker would hate wearing a bell boot all the time!

What’s in My Grooming Tote?

As every horse girl has, I've tried an endless amount of products on my horses over the years. In the last few years, I've had the honor of speaking with the owners of many smaller companies about products they have developed, as well as developers of products used by larger companies. I like to think I can have a scientific approach to things thanks to my BS degree from college, but since then I've been shaped by a career in business so I have a soft spot for small businesses. Everything in this post is from my direct experience, and daily use of these products!

Omega Field’s HorseShine Supplement to Provide Omega 3’s

The well-being of my horses is the most important responsibility of my life. Well, perhaps it is among the most important, but sometimes the stress of figuring out what to feed them can make it seem that way! I am so thankful that I've again solved their need for forage (updated blog on forage here), and so grateful that I have been confident in their nutrition while figuring that out thanks to Horseshine. (2022 update + coupon at the bottom!)

No Thrush and Dust On! Review

I was sent some No Thrush and Dust On! to try last year, but not paid for this review! I quickly learned that the products are absolute essentials to keep around. My favorite parts about these products are that they do not cause any damage or irritation to healthy tissue. The powder is also a cleaner substance to use than oily creams or gels, since the powder can be brushed off clothes or fur without fuss. And, they work very well.