Nanotechnology & Joint Support for Your Horse

I love technology and its applications to improve the lives of our beloved horses. While the natural stuff is powerful and close to my heart, finding something straight from the future is pretty exciting. This joint supplement accomplishes something I believed to be impossible - sending lubrication support straight to the troubled joint. It is called NANOFLEX! (And yes, there is a coupon at the end)

The Science behind NANOFLEX

Basically, tiny particles called Ultra Deformable Sequessomeâ„¢ Vesicles, or UDSV, go through the skin. They are drawn to the joint capsule itself, gathering on the cartilage surfaces of the whole joint. They serve as a completely new source of lubrication for the joint, enhancing what is already there or adding lubrication for those who can't provide enough themselves.

Using NANOFLEX for Joint Support

After speaking to Grand Meadows about this new product, it is my understanding that NANOFLEX is still fairly new and there are still things to learn about how it works. For instance, how often do you really need to use the product to see results? Here's where I'll shift to speaking only about my personal or second-hand experiences. Already convinced? There's a coupon and link at the bottom!


The first time I experimented with using this product was with Trubee! I applied it daily for a week, lunging him every couple days starting before and then until I rode him. His movement got noticeable smoother with less warmup time, and when we rode we had one of the best rides ever! He is slow to warmup, but with this product he was flowing smoothly right out the gate. The funny thing is, I gradually stopped applying it and haven't noticed a return to the stiffness he had prior to application. It has been a few months since I applied it to Trubee regularly, and he is still moving more comfortably. I have applied it a few times, like before trail rides, but not every time.


The most interesting experience with NANOFLEX has been with myself! Due to an attempt at skiing for the first time in my late 20s, I have been experiencing pain in my foot/ankle whenever I am particularly active. Riding and wearing heels are particularly hard on it! Applying this joint product to the area provides relief within minutes, and if I remember to apply it periodically I actually don't experience as much pain at all, even after riding. So it does not seem necessary to apply everyday, unless you are doing rigorous activity (training, perhaps) daily. My fingers get quite painful at times, too, and when they are flaring up I will apply NANOFLEX whenever they hurt. Of course, I then forget to apply the product until they flare up again - but I've not experienced any discomfort since I've started applying the joint support to Tucker's hocks every time I see him (every other day usually). Just the small amount that enters my skin as I apply it to him seems to be enough to keep my hands happy.


Tucker has never indicated he has pain in his hocks until this summer. At 19, this is not exactly surprising! So, I've committed myself to applying NANOFLEX every time I see him. The bottle says you need to apply it twice a day - but from my personal experience with my own body, that does not seem to be the case. So, I have been putting a small amount on both hocks every time I go to the barn for the last couple of weeks. When we ride, I apply it before and again after. My theory is that the product wears out, so when you introduce more activity, you need to resupply more frequently. Next acupuncture session will help us see if it is making a difference!

Friends & Family

I've handed out small jars to friends and family to see what their experiences would show. My dad had been suffering from pretty painful tendonitis, and doctors told him there's essentially nothing that could be done. He tried physical therapy, and that didn't help either! NANOFLEX seems to soothe the irritation of the tendon just enough that he says the pain is tolerable, and he can go on about his days without the constant pain. He uses this product daily to provide relief...and this is man who simply refuses to do anything to take care of himself usually! There is no way he would ever do something regularly unless it makes a large difference in his pain. I find this super interesting, because both joints and tendons utilize synovial fluid as their lubricant. Since this technology targets joints and behaves like synovial fluid, it would appear that it can also lubricate tendons in a similar way.

Other friends who have tested this product on persistently achy joints have experienced the same reaction - a very quick reduction of pain. Now, there is no tingly or cooling sensation when applied. It goes on like lotion, absorbs super fast, and leaves no residue. If it doesn't absorb or leaves a sticky residue, you used way too much. There is no other sensation besides your body feeling like it is now working correctly.

Application of NANOFLEX to the Joint

This product is on the expensive side, but I think it is 100% worth the price. So, your 16oz bottle costs $100, but depending on how you're using it that could last you a really long time. Obviously, horses are big and a horse in training would go through this bottle a lot faster than you would for your dog or yourself. But even for Tucker, I hardly use a full pump for each application. For my own foot, I use a tiny dot. Seriously - you need a smaller amount than you think you do!

In the photo you'll see how much I use for both hands, I'll rub that tiny amount in to all my fingers. Depending on how bad the joint is and how active the body is, I can see it being necessary to increase the amount and frequency for applying NANOFLEX. It is also a little trickier applying it through a fur coat! It is not known if the technology somehow goes through the hair (maybe the particles gravitate to the skin or something like that) so it is good to try to get it as close to the skin as you can.

Will you give it a try?

I was just as skeptical as you probably are before trying this product! But results are undeniable, my pain-free fingers are proof as I type that this product works. I do have a coupon that you can use to save 10% if you choose to give this incredible magical product a try - it is simply "Trubee"! You'll find the product on Grand Meadow's website.

You can also see more about the product on my page here!