Parts & Hardware

Here’s a list of parts and hardware that I have used to make all my hay net containers. If you’re interested in a guide on how we made our DIY hay containers, I have that available here!

Swivel Eye & Eye Hooks

I picked these up at Tractor Supply or Home Depot, but similar ones are also available here:
Stainless Steel Swivel

You’ll just want to make sure that whatever you plan on securing to them will fit through the hole, and choose one with a weight capacity that is appropriate for what you’re using it for!

Locking Carabiner

The locking feature is both a safety thing and a functional thing. Trust me, you’ll want to use these on all your nets!

We’ve been buying these ones:
Locking Carabiner Clips

Velcro Strap with Swivel

I discovered this amazing little hack on accident, and have been using it for years now. The Velcro strap will secure to wood or pipe, and take a decent amount of weight. I have used it to hang a full west coast bale of hay leaning against the stall wall and partially resting on the ground, with horses eating from and pulling on it. It has actually been almost a year of doing this, and it doesn’t slip and hasn’t broken yet! I got this one from Home Depot I think, but used this one previously:

Velcro Strap


This rope is useful for many things, and I’ve been using it to tie swivels to with success. Simple rope like this can be purchased at any hardware store, but here is a similiar type of rope. For durability, you might want to try chain or cable of some sort instead! To use rope through a hole of any sort, you might want to grab some washers to help keep it from pulling through.


I’ve used the 40 gallon rubber tub by Tuff Stuff and found it to be a perfect, fairly affordable option! You can grab one at your local Tractor Supply, or maybe feed/tack store. They’re also available here: Oval Tub


I picked up my tires from a family member’s property trash pile, but you can try checking Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or maybe even tire shops! 

Hay Nets

I use HayChix nets! I’ve used them for 4 years now and have a couple nets that have been used near daily for two years straight, one I think is going on its 3rd year. I use half bales and full bales (west coast bales)! I also have a Free-Up Feeder that started as a panel feeder, and love that option too! You can get 20% off if you head over to their website via this link: HayChix