Nanotechnology & Joint Support for Your Horse

I love technology and its applications to improve the lives of our beloved horses. While the natural stuff is powerful and close to my heart, finding something straight from the future is pretty exciting. This joint supplement accomplishes something I believed to be impossible - sending lubrication support straight to the troubled joint. It is called NANOFLEX! (And yes, there is a coupon at the end)

Product Review: EverPillow by InfiniteMoon

After waking up with neck discomfort for awhile, I sought out a new pillow! I'd had my pillow for years, and while it was better than your basic pillow it just wasn't working for me like it use to! I'm a big fan of customization, which is why the EverPillow caught my attention. It is fully adjustable & customizable, so you can have an extra stuffed fluffy pillow one night and a flatter pillow the next if you want! This enables you to find the perfect balance for your body. (Coupon at the end!)

Metal Shoes on Horses: The Where, What, How & Why They Disappoint Us

People opt to remove the metal shoes either to improve the health of their horse, or to cut costs. I can quickly tell you that going barefoot will save you money. If your horse needs hoof protection - hoof boots are the obvious choice if you weigh the costs! If you've already decided you want to go barefoot, I will be adding a guide on how to do so. This post explains the need for hoof protection, the downfalls of the metal shoe, and touches on the alternative options available.

Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth

About a year ago, I spent a large portion of my savings on the perfect saddle for Tucker. This was immediately before the pandemic - great timing on my part! 🤣 I knew I wanted a top quality girth to go with this saddle, so turned to Total Saddle Fit. After about 8 months of using this girth, I can honestly say I am super impressed by the quality and design.

bonding with your horse

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Horse

Looking for a horse that comes to the gate when they see you? One who follows you happily to the barn, who shows you affection? Not every new horse starts off this way, as it completely depends on their past experiences. And sometimes, even when they come to us this way, horse owners end up with a sour horse who stops choosing to be with them. If you want to change how your horse views you, but you don't know where to start, this post is for you!

Tucker the Emotional: One on One Time

I don't do a whole lot with my horses at the moment - in fact, lately my biggest struggle is trying to snuggle both horses at the same time. It is a really difficult thing to do, having only two arms to use to give hugs. Luckily these boys are patient and most of the time will accept that I can only hug one at a time! (btw halter in the photo is by @friendshipcollar.equine)