Beach Days with the Horses

About a week ago, the horses and I had an incredible experience. We met up with some photographers/cinematographers at the beach and ended up getting so many beautiful shots! We've never been around so many people taking our picture all at once. The horses LOVED all the attention. I was usually doing things with one horse while the other stood with the girl who helps me take care of them. She didn't even have to hold on; the horse that was off-camera was always happy to stand for other photographers to take their pictures! So they were both constantly in front of someone's lens 🙂

cavallo boots for horses hooves

Cavallo Horse Boots: The best horse hoof boot

I've never had a particular desire to "shoe" my horse. Tucker was barefoot when I met him and I had every intention of keeping him that way! I tried some horse hoof boots once, and loved them for the one ride before they broke. The only negative things were that they were super difficult to put on...and that they broke after a couple uses. Fast forward several years, and I am presented with a semi-crippled Trubee! 

The Story of Lyra

I believe that most animals are happier in the company of another. When Samus found herself suddenly without feline companions for the first time in her life, I could tell she was bored. While I enjoyed the extra attention she paid me whenever I returned home, I couldn't stop thinking about how alone she must be when I am away for most of the day at work. She's always been a playful cat, and I knew she would prefer to have a playmate.

Catios: The Safe Enclosure for Cats

Many cat owners have come to the conclusion that their cats need to be 100% indoor cats for their own safety. I totally agree that this is safer, because the risk of my cats getting eaten by some animal, hit by a car, or any other potential danger is reason enough to keep the doors shut. However, cats were made for the outdoors! They deserve to nap in the sunshine, chase bugs and feel the wind lift their fur. Keeping them from that is cruel in its own way, I think. So what is the solution? 

The Homemade Reclaimed Material Chicken Coop

We knew when we got the new girlies that they would eventually need an outdoor home to move into, so we made our plans for their coop. With a very low budget, we were lucky to already have nearly everything we needed! Keeping some nice wood laying around has these benefits 😉 Hurray for repurposing crates and pallets! I also used a super simple whitewash that is natural, safe and looks pretty awesome.