About Us

Hey there!

My name is Rachel.

I’m a 92′ baby and was once addicted to rescuing animals. First came Tucker, in 2007. I later acquired Loki, Trubee, Samus and then Thanos. Lyra is the most recent addition – and also the last for awhile. 

I spend my days pursuing my dreams of an independent lifestyle, to both fund and provide the time for the care of this rescued crew of crazies! I am passionate about providing a natural lifestyle for the horse within the restrictions of our modern world.

I enjoy creating photos, videos, and creating in general! You’ll often find me exploring new trails with my horses, throwing a ball for my dogs, and constantly snuggling with my cats. 


Born: July of 2002
Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Color: Flea Bitten Gray
Favorite Activity: Everything at the beach

Tucker’s Origin Story >


Born: June 13th 2006
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Red Dun
Favorite Activity: Eating

Trubee’s Origin Story >


Born: Late 2012
Breed: Weimaraner x Treeing Walker Coonhound x Labrador Retriever x Mix
Color: Golden
Favorite Activity: Running with the horses

Loki’s Origin Story >


Born: Early 2015
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Color: Black
Favorite Activity: Snuggling
Thanos’s Origin Story >


Born: April 1st, 2014
Breed: Mixed breed
Color: Calico
Favorite Activity: Playing in boxes

Samus’s Origin Story >


Born: April 2016
Breed: Mixed breed
Color: Tabby
Favorite Activity: Giving kisses

Lyra’s Origin Story >