NANOFLEX - Advanced Joint Support

I’ll call it “magic”, but it really is futuristic tech making it possible. This is a joint supplement, reimagined. 

“NANOFLEX™ represents the first significant evolution in joint support for animals in several decades. Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, NANOFLEX is a dramatic breakthrough with a unique topical delivery system and a very different mechanism of action in the joint.”

nanoflex tech product

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Ground breaking nanotechnology driven delivery system

What does it do?

I’ve used this on myself a lot – it goes on smoothly, absorbs within seconds and goes into action almost immediately. From my experience, it seems to assist any pain related to joints or tendons. It feels like it replaces or enhances synovial fluid, with the vesicles from NANOFLEX accumulating on the inner surfaces to help support movement.

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horse schooling trot
horse jumping bareback and bitless

What is it?

“Ultra Deformable Sequessome™ Vesicles (UDSV) are drawn through the dermal layer…

Once NANOFLEX starts to dry on the skin or coat, the tiny size, hydration and flexibility of the UDSV allows them to be drawn through the skin and into the joint capsule itself. Inside the joint capsule the highly hydrated UDSV accumulate on the cartilage tissue… This provides a slippery surface so when the joint is compressed, the two sides of the joint have a completely new source of biolubrication.

Yeah – it sounds insane. But I can’t explain any of my experiences without admitting that this stuff works!

nanoflex product next to horse leg

The product comes in a 16oz bottle with a pump dispenser. This will last you a long time, depending on how much you are using. Honestly, you don’t need to use a lot for each dose. They say one full pump for one horse’s hock – but that seems like more than enough for both hocks for me! For my own hands, I apply only a small dot of product per finger.

dispensing product into hand

After using this for myself for awhile, I got a good idea of how much I needed to use for different things in order to feel the benefits. This product is relatively new, so it is not fully understood how often or how much is needed. I think both factors would vary greatly based on degree of joint damage, activity level, and the individual body… but start small, and apply more as desired.

applying product to hock of horse

You want this product to make contact with the skin. I like to gently part the coat, and then spread the product in small amounts from there. You don’t need to “rub it in” but you will want to make sure you spread it out to cover enough surface area to allow full absorption. If applying in winter, I could see it being helpful to clip access points.

My horses and I have all witnessed the magic!

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schooling red dun horse

Trubee: 15 year old "navicular" diagnosed quarter horse

Tucker: 19 year old appendix quarter horse

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