Product Review: EverPillow by InfiniteMoon

After waking up with neck discomfort for awhile, I sought out a new pillow! I'd had my pillow for years, and while it was better than your basic pillow it just wasn't working for me like it use to! I'm a big fan of customization, which is why the EverPillow caught my attention. It is fully adjustable & customizable, so you can have an extra stuffed fluffy pillow one night and a flatter pillow the next if you want! This enables you to find the perfect balance for your body. (Coupon at the end!)

These pillows also make a bigger difference. InfiniteMoon partners with Mile High Workshop, a job training and employment program dedicated to rebuilding the lives of men and women transitioning back into the workforce following homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. If you have a love for rescuing animals, I wholeheartedly believe you should also have a place in your heart for programs like these! They are so crucial in helping these people get back on their feet.

I also appreciate the EverPillow for all the care & thought that went into its design. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and antimicrobial with an Organic Cotton Zippered Cover that holds one of five different fills. It comes in an vacuum sealed bag that is reusable, making it ideal for travel or moving - which for me, is super awesome because I do a lot of both!

I got the Original pillow with the Kapok & Latex fill to try a firmer fill and the Curve pillow for side sleepers with the Latex/Poly/Tencel fill to try something a bit softer. I left my Original one fully stuffed, and use it as a supportive pillow for lounging and removed about 1/3 of the fill in the Curve to use for sleeping! I'm still messing around with the perfect amount of fill for the Curve, and I've found I can actually keep one half more filled than the other half to switch it up as I change positions throughout the night.

Sleeping comfortably is important to making sure my body is ready to play with the horses, care for them and go for a ride! Especially as I get a little older - good quality sleep is becoming more & more important. I also have InfiniteMoon's EverSheets - which are made from bamboo because it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial AND softer than linen and cotton. It helps regulate your temperature in both hot and cold weather, and feels incredible on your skin too. Icing on top? They are OEKO-TEX® Certified to guarantee that not one single fiber or thread is harmful to your health.

I was gifted my pillows and a set of their amazingly silky Bamboo EverSheets from InfiniteMoon - and this post is my 100% honest opinion! You can use the coupon code RACHEL to receive 10% off your order, which will also help support me in a small way 🙂

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