Hock & Fetlock Shields by Click Horse Products

A few years ago, Tucker started developing fetlock and hock sores from laying down on harder surfaces. They only became a real issue when he moved to a dirt lot without any softer areas to lay down. Instead of using the classic upside down bell boot, I wanted to see if there was something out there that was more comfortable and lightweight since he would be wearing it 24/7 for the foreseeable future. And let's be real - Tucker would hate wearing a bell boot all the time!

Fetlock Shields

While hock sores do come and go, Tucker's main issue is at the fetlocks! If he lays down/gets up the wrong way, he rubs them very raw and they quickly become tender and sore. Since he continues to lay down with the injuries, they are slow to heal even when covered.

To prevent their development, I've been using Click Horse Product's Fetlock Shield. We LOVE these, as they are super quick to put on, they stay on, and they are so lightweight and comfortable that Tucker barely notices them anymore. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how bad Tucker's fetlocks can get!

The Hock Shields are also of excellent design, but Tucker really dislikes wearing them. I haven't needed to use them much, but if we have a big photoshoot I'll use them in the weeks leading up to it just in case!

The Fetlock Shields have been a huge lifesaver for Tucker. I don't worry about leaving them on for days at a time, since they don't rub or cause any irritation. He can lay down wherever he wants to without injuring his poor fetlocks! I have been rather surprised by their durability, as they feel so lightweight you almost expect that they would be torn up after a couple weeks. He's been wearing them constantly for 5 months now and they're still going strong! Also super easy to rinse clean and they don't take forever to dry. I'll definitely be getting another pair whenever these start to show some damage.

When I forgot to put on his Fetlock Shields: