Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo boots have been on my horses feet longer than any other product I use! I discovered Cavallo hoof boots when I got Trubee – who had been chronically lame. I rehabbed him with a good barefoot trim, but for a long time he was very sensitive on gravel. Enter, hoof boots!

Not sure why being barefoot is so beneficial? Allowing the hoof to remain natural has all the perks – and hoof boots allow you to do it without harming your horse. I have a whole page about it!

Cavallo boots check all my boxes! Let me show you why. And if you’re interested in buying now, you can grab a coupon for 20% off.

Easy to put on & take off

Easy on/off was important to me because I was leasing Trubee to people, and I needed something that anyone would be able to safely put on without difficulty. 

Today I appreciate the simplicity because I might use 8 boots at one time – that is a lot! I don’t want to be exhausted before I even start the fun! 


Durability was important to me because I didn’t want to be replacing hoof boots constantly. Cavallo hoof boots fit the bill! I gallop on gravel roads with them, traveling miles and miles over a span of a year or more before the traction wears down. I’ve actually never fully retired a pair of boots – the ones that are most worn on the bottoms can still be useful for hoof treatments!


Like most of us, I’m always looking for the best bang for my buck – without compromising on quality. Cavallo boots are some of the more economically priced hoof boots out there. Hoof boots also have a much longer lifespan than horse shoes – unless you’re an endurance rider, you won’t need to be getting new boots very often! How much are metal shoes? How often do you replace them?

they stay on & work

If I’m going to full out gallop with something on my horse’s feet, I need to trust that it works! My Cavallo boots, when properly fitted, have never fallen off during a ride. My horses turn into fearless warriors when they have their boots on – often casually trying to take a way rockier route than necessary because they trust the boots on their feet more than their bare hooves!

Which Boot is Best for You?

Cavallo Hoof Boots come in a variety of styles! There are different levels that are best for different purposes. 

I often only boot the front feet – which are the ones carrying a majority of the horse’s weight! With this setup, I am happy to use Trek Boots on the fronts and ELB boots on the back when needed! I do have a code for you for 20% off if you are interested in getting some yourself!


The most flexible, durable, breathable and user friendly addition to the Cavallo hoof boot collection. The honeycomb design maximizes strength and minimizes weight for the comfortable performance your horse deserves.


The Entry Level Boot is the world’s most affordable horse hoof boot. For those hoof boot skeptics, or when you only require protection on limited occasions (such as back feet), the Entry Level Boot is the perfect solution.


Our first pair of boots were Simple Boots! Genuine leather outside for strength, comfort and flexibility. There is a right and a left boot – which is fine if your horse walks with even pressure! Trubee wore these down irregularly.

How to Put on Cavallo Boots

Ensuring they are snug and tightly secured every time will prevent the loss of a boot while you're on the move!

putting on cavallo boots securing velcro
putting on cavallo hoof boot tightly
securing cavallo hoof boot safety velcro
putting on cavallo hoof boot velcro

Transport Air Boots

100% hoof protection for barefoot AND shod horses, this transportation boot ensures your horse travels comfortably. Offers maximum shock absorption and protection during transport! I like how cushy the collar of this boot is – they just feel comfy, you know?

These guys are just for the trailer – and you should size up when ordering!

transport air cavallo hoof boot for trailering your horse safely

Fun Variations

You’ve probably noticed the fun variations of hoof boots my horses have, like Trubee’s sparkly boots and Tucker’s green ones! The glitter boots are ELB’s and the green ones are Trek boots! I also use their Transport Air Boots for trailering.

The links I share that lead to Cavallo Boot’s website are affiliate links! This means I will receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking on my links – AKA, you help me support these beautiful animals who are modeling these products! 🙂