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Products for Hoof, Wound & Muscle Care

An amazing solution for hoof health that I discovered back in 2018 is the first ever dry powder formula, No Thrush. I love this product for treating and preventing thrush, as it is quite effective while also being easier to use than liquids, creams or clays. While it does end up on your clothes at times, it brushes off easily and leaves no stains. It is multi-functional, and can also be used on the skin to help with things like rain rot or scratches too.

The same company also creates two other products I love – Dust On & Natural Release. Dust On is specifically for wounds, and is very similar to No Thrush. I’ve seen it work on an infected wound on Tucker’s face, and it seemed to pull the infection from the wound. It healed with daily applications of Dust On! 

Natural Release is a muscle relaxant spray that works in minutes to help reduce muscle and joint stress, arthritis, tendonitis, discomfort, bruising and inflammation. They recommend using before AND after exercise. I’ve used it on myself more than my horses, as I only recently have been learning enough to know where they need this spray applied & notice a difference. It is a great product, and I always have a small spray bottle at my desk!

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No Thrush

“Used at the world’s largest barns to help promote healthy hoof regeneration, heal scratches, coat issues, and rain rot.” – Four Oaks Farm

I love to apply this product every time I use hoof boots, as well as when I clean out the hooves. The trick is to get it deep in any cracks, and it can actually treat deep central sulcus thrush. 

Natural Release

I use this on myself whenever I have a muscle cramp, and try to remember to apply it to the horses before and after rides or workouts! It is super easy to spray on the horse, and I use the flat side of my StripHair grooming tool to spread it through the coat, to make sure it goes down to the skin. 

Dust On!

My go-to wound care product is Dust On! It works wonderfully for any wound that you’d like to dry up. I don’t use it on wounds that would be better kept moist for healing, but will apply it later on in the healing process in such cases. It helped a ton when Tucker had a deep puncture on his face that was a bit infected, and it healed beautifully with daily applications.