No Thrush and Dust On! Review

I was sent some No Thrush and Dust On! to try last year, but not paid for this review! I quickly learned that the products are absolute essentials to keep around. My favorite parts about these products are that they do not cause any damage or irritation to healthy tissue. The powder is also a cleaner substance to use than oily creams or gels, since the powder can be brushed off clothes or fur without fuss. And, they work very well.

I use the No Thrush powder whenever I use my Cavallo Hoof Boots. This makes preventing thrush simple when I am trail riding regularly! You can apply the powder without boots, and it will still work its magic. But the longer the powder stays on the hoof, the longer it can work, so I like to use it with boots to get the most of it! Or, I'll apply it after a bath and I have them standing tied to dry or while they're eating so they don't move around for awhile.

When winter hit this year and I was living somewhere where I don't have trail access, I didn't think about how I wasn't using the powder on their feet since I wasn't booting them. Thrush came back to haunt us, and I am now going to boot them a couple times a week even if we just walk around the ranch. This is how I do it:

I hadn't used the Dust On! product much, though for some minor scrapes I had used the No Thrush powder which worked well. Then, right after Christmas, Tucker stabbed himself right under his eye somehow. The cut was deep, and got infected. It smelled terrible, and looked green. I decided to put Dust On! in the cut. The powder immediately seemed to pull the infection from the wound, and as you can see in the video below, it did this until the infection was gone. The powder would remain in the wound until the next day when I would gently remove the scab it formed so that I could place fresh powder. Dust On! kept the wound clean while it healed, and was easy to apply as I didn't have to actually touch the wound to puff the powder into it (which helped once the wound got sore and touching it became difficult).

You can find No Thrush at tack stores, Tractor Supply stores or on Amazon. Here is a link to the company's website, where you can order the products or read more about them: