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Omega Fields Supplements

Omega Fields Products

I’ve been feeding my horses these products since 2018. I’ve tried switching Omega Horseshine with competing flax-based products experimentally, and swiftly regretted that choice. The quality of this brand is unsurpassed in my experience, and the results are clear! I’ll go into the details on this page, or you can head over to their website and use my code NANTUCKET for 10% off your order.

The code will work on the whole site, excluding auto-ship orders and rice bran. Auto-ship will get you the best deal, but if you want to try it out with a one-time order this code will help you out! 

Why I Love This Product

I am not a fan of over-supplementing, but omega-3s are one of those things that every horse can benefit from. Unless your horse is on tons of natural pasture, they likely need omega-3s added to their diet. While present in hay in small amounts, once cut and dried, nutrients like omega-3s & vitamin E degrade. Many feeds that we use for horses contain the inverse balance of omega-3:omega-6, which leads to inflammation within the body. Balancing their diet with an omega-3 rich plant like flax helps bring the body into balance, which helps manage inflammation and overall health.

Omega Horseshine is more than straight flax. The naturally occurring shorter chained Omega-3s in flax — ALA — can effectively be converted by the body into the longer chained Omega-3s — EPA and DHA, which can be found in fish oil — when the proper nutrition is present. So, this formula includes a small percentage of supporting ingredients that improve the efficiency of the already top quality flax. From my experience, this translates to better results even when feeding only a half cup. I share Tucker’s story further down this page if you’re not yet convinced! While some do supplement horses with fish oil instead, I prefer to stick to ingredients that a horse would be more naturally inclined to eat, and would therefore be most likely to be bioavailable to their body. Biotin is the only “extra” added to Horseshine that is not connected to the flax, which was added as an extra benefit requested by customers. 

Where your products come from can make a big difference when it comes to effectiveness. I have built up a lot of trust in Omega Fields products over the years, based on my interactions with the owner & company as well as the results I’ve witnessed in my animals. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read more on that! 


The main supplement by Omega Fields is Omega Horseshine. This product comes in a few variations, including the original, Complete, and Antioxidant. The Complete version has all the vitamins/minerals your horse needs, so you need to stick to the recommended amounts daily.

I have used all three, but have settled into using the original Horseshine! My horses are maintained with just half a cup a day, but if there is a need for more you can safely increase this amount to multiple cups per day. For Tucker, if he’s sick or experiencing high stress, I will double the amount he gets. Read below to see how I can easily gauge if he is getting enough or not! 


I love providing joy through treats for my horses. But most treats you’ll find in stores are filled with sugars, fillers, even dyes that are known to be harmful to both people and horses. Omega Nibblers are the perfect treat to avoid harmful additives, and feeding 15 treats can actually replace a serving of Horseshine for very picky eaters!  

They come in 3 flavors, all with low sugar ingredients. The apple & peppermint flavors are lowest, at 12.4% total NSC, and their Blackstrap Molasses flavor has a total NSC of 13.4%. They both hold together great in your pocket and break apart easily to use for training! Flax is the main ingredient, with Rice Bran and Alfalfa Meal next. 


Vitamin E is something that most horses are lacking in their diets here in California especially. While most horses don’t show any symptoms of deficiency, it is often recommended to add this vitamin to the diet. Like omega-3s, vitamin E is consumed naturally in fresh green grass, so it is particularly important to add to the diet if your horse doesn’t have access to grass year-round (most of us in CA don’t have such luxury!). 

Omega grandE offers a bioavailable, natural source of vitamin E in a highly palatable flax base that my horses love. The jar is about a 30 day supply, and is a great size to use for “meal prep” for the horses once empty!

Tucker + Omega Horseshine

Tucker’s experience with Horsehine has been the most convincing! He had a VERY obvious sarcoid growing on his chest for many years before we were introduced to Horseshine. I had accepted that he was going to have that thing forever. After starting this flax supplement, however, that future was changed for the better! I had Tucker on several other flax-based supplements before we tried Horseshine, and nothing changed for him with those. 

One time in 2021, I switched him to a different flax supplement for just a couple months and was alarmed to see his sarcoid returning. I took a couple months back on Horseshine, but then he was able to regrow all his hair. The only time I’ve seen the sarcoid try to return is during summer fly season, when he got some bug bites on his chest. I increased his Horseshine, and his body was able to recover no problem. 

I go into more detail in this blog post if you want more info!