Hay Chix Hay Nets

Hay Chix Hay Nets

I’ve tried a few different slow feeder products, and while they are wonderful for their own reasons, I think hay nets are the BEST solution for every living situation! 

Slow feed hay nets have the flexibility, literally, to work in any location – they can also hold lots more hay, while being super easy to relocate. 

If you’re providing 24/7 access to forage, providing a full bale will save you time and make it easier to ensure your horse does not run out of forage! If you feed a lot of horses, there are even nets for entire round bales!


Full bale hay nets are SO much easier than single flake ones. But Hay Chix has all the solutions for making even the single serving hay nets totally quick & simple!


I’ve had my net for over a year. It has been outside the entire time I’ve had it. There is no reason not to keep using it – it is still going strong!


Before using slow feeders, so much of my grass hay was being used as a toilet. To be honest, if I don’t tie my hay net onto a fence, Trubee will still use it as a toilet. 🤦‍♀️ He’s relentless! These hay nets will ensure your horse puts your money where it is meant to be, right in their tummy.


I rave about the full bale net, but let me tell you – that is not the most innovative thing these gals have to offer. They have a net for everything! I’ve used my full bale net as a single serving net more than once as well, simply by tying it in half once the hay is inside!

grazing on the ground level is good for the horses neck

Hay Chix Hay Nets

They’re the best. The people are awesome. What more do you need? 

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horses should have forage 24/7


Benefits of feeding on the ground: you can do it anywhere & it puts their head in a natural grazing position. Cons: it can get dragged around, dirty, and they might pee on it.


Secure to a solid post to prevent dragging! Hay will fall lower to allow a more natural position. Place opposite of water to encourage movement, and in a container to catch fallen hay.

hay chix slow feeder hay nets


Ideal when there is damp weather, tying the hay in a shelter & on mats prevents the hay from getting wet and muddy! The fallen hay (there’s always a little) stays clean and edible.

Hole Size Choices

Depending on your horse and the type of hay you feed, you can find hay nets with opening sizes to best suit your needs. An easy keeper, or aggressive eater, would do best on a more challenging hay net. Smaller hole sizes will make it more difficult to get the hay out, and force the horse to slow down more drastically. A horse that is harder to keep weight on might benefit from an easier one! 

Some hay is easier or harder to fit through the openings as well, making them easier or more challenging for the horse to extract from the net. 

Basically, figure out what works for you!

With so many options, your unique situation has a solution. I’m happy to help brainstorm if you’re stuck!

The links I share that lead to Hay Chix’s website are affiliate links! This means I will receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking on my links – AKA, you help me support these beautiful animals who are modeling these products! 🙂