DIY Hay Feeders

DIY Hay Containers

I’ve compiled photos and information about how we made our DIY Hay Feeding Containers into a guide, so you can have something to start with if you plan on making your own! We had a bit of trial and error at first, but our end results have been amazing for daily use for the past year. You only have to be a little handy to make something very functional! A drill is the only power tool you’ll need, and I’ve created a parts list with links to where you can buy each of the items we used. If you’re making a tire feeder, you’ll want to find a used tire locally. I got mine from a trash pile on a family member’s property, but you might try Craigslist or a tire shop! 

Why do I Love Containers for Hay Nets?

Works for all weather

You can have containers with drainage holes to work in wet weather. Hay can be contained and kept off the ground, out of mud and sand. 


Having a spot for your hay nets is convenient for both your horses and you! It is easy to drop them off, and if you use full bales you don’t have to feed so often.

Options for Shod Horses

Nets can be risky with shod horses, as their shoes could get caught in the net if they paw. With high walled containers, you can offer your horse hay nets without this risk. 

Allows Natural Position

It is best for horses to eat a majority of their food from the ground. Placing hay in a container means your horse can eat very close to the ground, while the hay stays clean & shod horses stay safe. 

Helping with 24/7 Hay

Having multiple feed stations with smaller amounts of hay really helps encourage more movement in your horse’s day. If you want to offer forage 24/7, this means extending the hay and reducing overall consumption, while also offering more exercise and enrichment.

Not sure how you could safely offer your horse more access to forage? I’m available for brainstorming calls. I’ve boarded my horses for over 15 years, moving every couple of years at least, so I’ve experienced a lot of different scenarios! I’m happy to hear about your horse’s unique living space, and help you brainstorm ways to improve their quality of life during all those hours spent without you. Reach out on IG or send me an email!