Say "cheese"!

The smile is a simple trick that is great to use when you are first starting clicker training. It helps establish the association of the click with a reward, and it helps build the horse's (and your!) confidence with clicker training. Initially, reward any attempt to lift the lip, even if it is to grab at the treat in your hand. Then, once they are consistently lifting their nose, you can focus on keeping them out of your space and not being grabby. Of course, if your horse is being aggressive, you will want to correct from the beginning so you don't teach bad habits. Continue reading "Smile!"


Well, hello! We have made this blog in response to the large number of people we have encountered that have no idea what clicker training is, or the many benefits it can lend to your relationship with your horse. On this site, we will be discussing ideas and views of training, how to use clicker training, our own personal experiences with our horses, and any other topics we think should be addressed. With that, please keep an open mind while reading our discussions and posts; we never mean to put down other beliefs, simply to state our own thoughts and reasonings behind why we believe what we do. So thanks for visiting, and we hope you take away something from our writings!DSC_0652