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You know that feeling when something is so logical that it simply makes perfect sense – even though you hadn’t thought about it before? When something simply clicks

My blog covers topics that have clicked with me in the care & keeping of my horses. I also cover products & methods that I use to provide the best life that I can within the restraints of modern life! You’ll also find some clicker training, and plenty of photos I’ve created with the click of a camera. 😉 

New Guide:

DIY Hay Net Containers

Have you wondered how I made my hay net tire feeders or tubs? Well, you’re not alone! I had a hard time describing all the details, so I created a quick guide with lots of pictures and all the important bits of info just for YOU! 

Hopefully you can skip most of the trial & error that we went through when making ours 🙂

Smart Budgeting for Horse Owners

Equine Budgeting Tools

Money cannot buy happiness – but money pays for the horses who make us happy. Do you know exactly how much you spend on your horse each month? If the answer is no…

We have an epic spreadsheet template available that takes care of ALL the math for you. I have also written an e-book that will walk you through comparing costs effectively & breaking things down to create your monthly budget.

Horse-Keeping: As Natural as We Can

I write about my experience giving my horses as natural a lifestyle as I can manage! Can you relate? 

Supporting 1000lb+ creatures is expensive due to feed & space alone, and throw in a strange desire for self harm and you’ve got horses! 

Built for a life far different than the life society considers normal, horses struggle everywhere, everyday. I’m talking about “well-kept” horses, suffering behind the bars of a too-small stall, in a pen lacking any enrichment, in a boarding facility that feeds only 2 meals a day… 

I don’t have all the answers, and I certainly don’t have all the funds. My horses lived in boarding facilities for 15 years before we finally had a chance to live together, and they still don’t live the ideal horse life that I want for them. If you’re like me, and you want to provide the best for your horse with what you have available, then you’re in the right place!

3 Areas of Happy Horse-Keeping

Barefoot IS Better… Let me tell you why I believe that!

My fav supplements, slow-feeders and why I use them

Tricks, grooming, mental stimulation and exercise!

Is your horse living their best life? How do you know one way or another? The needs of the horse are vast, but it comes down to a few things. My biggest obsession, because of my special needs boy Trubee, is the hoof. Horses only spend a few hours off their feet in a given day – sometimes less. Their entire lives being spent on those four little hooves means those things are probably pretty important! 

Nutrition is another big one. When I think about equine nutrition, I’m not just thinking about what they eat, but how they eat it. The horse’s body is designed to consume small bites over a period of about 17 hours every day. Their actual digestive system is optimized for this type of eating! So providing forage throughout the day is insanely important if you want to stay clear of problems such as ulcers or colic. There is also the consideration of what they are eating – some nutrients are lost in the curing process of hay, and most horses on hay-only diets will have some deficiencies. Over-supplementation is such a common practice, it can be confusing to know what is worth feeding! Generally, I like to keep things simple and seek out wholesome supplements to best provide for my boys.

The final need of the horse is enrichment. Most of our horses live in relatively boring environments, compared to the life of grazing, traveling long distances, exploring miles of land and socializing within their herd. They might get out for an hour or so a day, maybe only a few times a week. But that leaves a majority of their lives being stationary, in an environment that is stagnant. Even those fortunate enough to have large pastures with other horses can suffer from boredom! While 24/7 access to forage can help greatly in this department, the addition of engaging activities with you will benefit the underemployed brain of your equine friends. The brain and the body both need exercise!

I’ve gathered information to create the following resource pages to share with you the things I’ve learned and what I practice to help my horses live their best lives, even though I cannot afford to provide them with the perfect solutions to fulfill all their needs:

Product Reviews

I love to share about the products that I use to improve our lives! I also guarantee 100% honesty when I speak about products.

I’ll never share about a product that I haven’t personally tested or experienced for myself, and you’ll know, because I photograph EVERYTHING with my own animals! 

Natural Living for Horses in Unnatural Situations

Note about this blog:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also have affiliate partnerships with several brands that I share here, but I can assure you that my love for the brand is what always comes first. I will never promote a brand that I don’t use myself first, and I will always be honest about my thoughts on every product I use. The products we use with our own animals are clearly represented by photos of those products in use by my herd! 🙂