Popsicles for Pets!

Who doesn't love to cool off on a hot day with a frozen treat? Well, our pets love this too! You can make endless tasty combinations for your dog or cat, and they'll love you for experimenting with new things. Ingredients like yogurt, banana, peanut butter, fruit, meat broth, meats and even their wet food can all make delicious popsicles for your furry friends.  

X cat popsicleAs with any treat, these should be fed in moderation. If you freeze their normal food into a popsicle, however, you can feed that instead of their normal food portion. You can even take wet food and freeze it into ice cubes for your kitties to enjoy with their normal dinner. Be careful feeding ice cubes to your pups though, they might try swallowing them whole which can be a choking hazard during the time it takes for them to melt! Adding ice to a bowl of water can be a fun way to keep the water cool on a hot day.

x blueberry yogurt popsicle for dogs copySome ingredients might be okay for dogs, but not okay for cats, and always check with your veterinarian if you are unsure what is safe for your pet to consume. Animals can have food allergies just like humans, so if your pet has an adverse reaction to something, avoid feeding that ingredient again. Also, be careful with the sticks. Only use sticks if you plan to hold the popsicle for your dog, because an excited dog may try consuming the stick as well. Here are some ideas that I've tried!

Yogurt and Berry Popsicle

x blueberry yogurt popsicle for dogWhile dogs can usually tolerate yogurt just fine, cats sometimes develop a lactose intolerance as they grow up. Observe your pets after feeding any new food to determine if their digestive system can handle it!

Mix plain yogurt with blueberries into popsicle molds or ice trays. Insert sticks, and freeze. I stick to around 5-10 blueberries per popsicle. Blueberries have vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants! You can crush them or leave them whole.

Chicken and Chicken Popsicle

To make this savory popsicle, you'll want to mix some chicken broth with water, throw in some pieces of cooked chicken, insert sticks and freeze. They'll love licking these popsicles to find the chewy chicken chunks!

Wet Food Popsicles

These are perfect for sensitive stomachs, or for pets that are on diet restrictions. Simply take out some of their usual portion of food, mix with water and freeze. They will love this refreshing change to their dinner on a hot day! If you feed dry kibble, try crushing it to make a more yummy frozen treat.

dogs with popsicles

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