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Now that I’ve experienced what this product can do, I will NEVER be without it so long as I have animals. Literally life-saving, aloe vera has been used forever for its healing properties. Today, most aloe on the market is super dilute, or processed so much that the original magic is lost. That magic is preserved in Pharm-Aloe’s products though! And spoiler – it isn’t magic that makes it work. But it might as well be! First, let’s go over a few ways that this particular product has helped my animals.

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My best story about Pharm-Aloe Equine products is actually with my dog, Thanos. If you believe everything happens for a reason, then I found Pharm-Aloe at the exact right time. The same summer I first started using this aloe, Thanos tried to kill himself not once, not twice, but 3 times. The first story shows how aloe is healing & rejuvenating, while the last story showcases its ability to aid in gut motility. 

First, he snuck into a friend’s truck on a 110+ degree day. He’s a black dog, so it is easy to miss him if he’s in the shadows! My friend was unloading something from his truck, then headed inside to take a nap. I was visiting at the time, and working inside. I headed out to check on the dogs and see if they needed to come inside to the AC. I didn’t see Thanos, so called him for a bit then walked around looking for him…soon I realized he was nowhere, and started panicking. I ended up asking my other dog where he was, and he looked at the truck. I had a moment of realization that my friend had brought stuff inside earlier – it had now been at least 45 minutes – and ran to the truck and opened the door to find Thanos laying flat out, panting, and hardly able to get up. The windows were up, it was parked in full sun. I pulled his 60 lbs out of the truck and he was able to stagger over to the doggie pool we had out for the dogs. I covered him in water and once he was better able to walk, brought him inside. We put him in front of some fans, and I made him something he would later refer to an animal communicator as “soup” (if you believe in that! It was pretty spot on). The soup was actually a raw egg with a couple capfuls of Pharm-Aloe 4X Concentrate. I was warned by a vet friend that he would likely need to go to the emergency vet, but within a couple hours he was acting totally normal. He had zero symptoms of heat stroke, or any other signs of what he put himself through. 

The second time was mild, but he had gotten into a bag of those dark chocolate covered acai berry things, as well as a container of aussie bites (yes the things from Costco). He had eaten most all of them! Besides throwing up chocolate for a day, he was soon fine.

The third was the most incredible, and can easily be related to horses in a state of colic. This dog decided to get into a horse’s bucket of hay pellets and eat a generous amount while at the barn. I didn’t realize it, and when his tummy inevitably hurt he did what he has been known to do – look for grass to eat. When there is no grass, he starts eating ANYTHING else he can, in a frantic frenzy that I usually spot right away. This day I was distracted by visitors, so I didn’t catch him instantly and threw him in the car once I did. I didn’t realize he’d eat the rope dog toy that was in there (he’s not a dog to eat objects ever, usually). Honestly, I didn’t know the toy was missing until several days later, when I also realized he had eaten a bunch of hay pellets. Over the next couple days, he was doing okay but not great. He ate, and pooped, I thought he would be fine. I was giving him a little 4X Concentrate periodically because it soothed his throat, which was sore. But by day 3 he stopped pooping and started throwing up everything he ate and drank. I can’t remember how many days this spanned total, but his tummy was huge and he was clearly miserable. I was watching him closely, ready to take him to the vet if absolutely necessary, but hoping he would pull through as he had so many times before. I remembered I had an AloeGut in my room, and started giving him some of that every couple hours. Then he started gorging himself on water. He would fill himself up, very noticeably as his stomach would enlarge, then throw it all up. I would give him more aloe. We did this for a few hours, and then suddenly he started throwing up what I later realized to be partially digested hay pellets. It was a ton. Then came the rope toy…which had apparently been stuck in his gut for several days at this point! It was a long rope toy, I have no idea how he was able to regurgitate it after so much time inside him. I continued giving him aloe throughout the day and he was back to being his normal self within a day or so. He now gets aloe daily! 

Aloe is beneficial for so much, but gut motility is one thing that I don’t think it gets much credit for due to a lack of studies. This experience, while certainly anecdotal, carries a lot of weight for me! And I know that many horses have had colic issues resolved with Pharm-Aloe’s products, too.


My oldest cat, Samus, started throwing up daily a few years ago. She was always cleared as perfectly healthy at the vet, and has had zero other issues. The throwing up would often happen after she would binge eat – she free feeds, but will randomly decide to gorge herself, then jump down something and throw it all up. She would also just throw up randomly, but I attributed it to her binge-eating. I started giving her the aloe after seeing such amazing results with Thanos, and amazingly, she stopped throwing up. We stopped feeding it to her once, and the vomiting resumed. So now she always gets it on her wet food! And she only throws up super occasionally, and always because of a binge-eating episode. 


Trubee is heavily muscled, and I think that is why he has a harder time in heat. So when we went on our first camping trip, and it was over 100 degrees when we arrived, I was super glad to have brought some AloeGut with me. The first night, I woke up because he was doing something that woke me – I don’t know what it was now! He didn’t look comfortable, and after watching him for a few minutes & coming out of my sleepy daze I realized he had the early signs of colic. I grabbed an AloeGut and gave it to him right then, and stayed up to watch him. He soon started eating, I think he even drank some water, and looked fine so I went back to sleep. He didn’t have any issues the rest of the weekend. 

Want More?

Science hasn’t totally caught up on how aloe works, which is why I like to call it magic. However, there are TONS of studies out there about aloe vera treating all sorts of ailments. You can likely attribute varying degrees of success to the type of aloe they use in the tests, as it is often not the best parts, or it was not processed in a way to preserve the best parts. Overall though, studies do indicate lots of benefits to using aloe. You can Google that 🙂

The benefits are so vast, that it sounds scammy to list them all. It is truly a wellness product that benefits every single part of your body, but especially your gut! Which in turn, benefits everything else. 

Pharm-Aloe was originally a human product, so you’ll see that the 4X Concentrate is human grade. I use this same product for the horses, dogs, cats, and people (preferred method is in a smoothie).

How many products can you safely share with your animals? This is the real deal, and I highly recommend every living being to take this supplement. The founder of Pharm-Aloe is over 90, and has taken his aloe since he was in his 30’s. When I spoke to him, he told me he didn’t “feel a day over 70” and he certainly doesn’t sound or act like it, either! When he told me he hasn’t had a sickness as small as a cold, either, I was sold. 

I don’t always remember to take it myself even though I have the capsule form to make it easier, but I ALWAYS give it to the animals. And I give them more during any signs of stress, and it always helps.

You can use my coupon NANTUCKET for 20% of your first order if you’d like to give it a try! 


If you get one thing from this company, let it be the 4X Concentrate. This is the least processed, most pure version that is also the most versatile. Every animal can have this one supplement, including you! Maintenance for your horse is half a capful, which means one bottle will last you about two months. If you are treating ulcers, you will want to increase that to two capfuls a day until resolved – so one bottle will last 24 days. The recommended amount for people is one full cap, so this is about one month for you. I only do a half cap myself, and my dogs each get a half cap too. The cats get maybe an eighth of a cap! You can also use this concentrated juice for other things that aloe is good for, if you so desire!


I’ve used aloe vera gels from the store before, and this is not that. The Pharm-Aloe gel is so clean feeling, I use it as a moisturizer for myself as well as on skin irritations on the animals. It is great for bug bites, and when Trubee gets attacked I will go and apply to each bite and he loves it. Sometimes he gets these nasty sores on his nose, and he doesn’t like me touching them – but if he sees me with this bottle, he stays perfectly still while I apply. It is pretty amazing!


One syringe of AloeGut is the same as two capfuls of the Concentrate! But having the syringe on hand is ideal for emergencies and travel. If you have a horse down, or refusing to eat, then this is what you’ll want to reach for. You can fill a syringe with the Concentrate in a pinch, but you’ll find that it is messy and a bit wasteful with how much doesn’t end up in the horse. I don’t recommend this for daily use because they are more expensive, but they sell them in 4-packs and having one on hand could save your horse’s life. Or your dog, if you have a dog like Thanos.

Pet Products

Pharm-Aloe also makes two products specifically for pets! They have Pet Crumbles and K-9 Aloe Treats, both with joint support in addition to aloe. My best friend, Lauren, who you may know as @_wonder_ponies or @tamayo_ranch, has had incredible results with both these products and the 4X Concentrate with her 3 dogs. She inherited a senior dog who looked to be in his final months, he reused to eat much and overall was quite sad to look at! But he LOVED the K-9 Aloe Treats, and it has been two years and that dog is just living his best life. He plays (sort of) with the other dogs, runs and can even jump on the couch. It doesn’t make sense how he is still going, but he is happy and seems comfortable, thanks to those treats. She also put her English Mastiff on the Pet Crumbles for the joint support, because it was much more affordable than other products. He had a chronic limp for years, even though he was pretty young still, and had been on prescription meds from the vet which had minimal results. The changes in him were the most amazing, as he was able to fully recover use of his body and can run, jump, play and do all the things he is meant to do as a young dog. His entire body changed for the better, and I hardly recognized him after not seeing him for several months after he started the crumbles. And finally, her other dog had terrible skin allergies every year. Like his eyes would sometimes swell shut they were so bad, and nothing helped long-term. He gets the 4X Concentrate daily, and for the past two years has had zero allergies or skin reactions of any kind. 


The links I share that lead to Pharm-Aloe’s website are affiliate links! But I do not receive commission if you purchase after clicking on these particular links. Instead, it shows them that we are good to continue sponsoring with product for the horses! AKA, you help me support these beautiful animals who are modeling + testing these products! 🙂