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All Natural Lick Treats

Most horses live in a relatively boring environment, compared to a life of traveling great distances in search of food & water! Especially horses who are confined to a stall or small paddock. Slow-feeding systems for hay help tremendously, but mixing things up with different toys and long-lasting treats can create a more fulfilling life for your horse.

I discovered Horse & Herd Lick Treats and love them! Currently a one-woman-show run on a ranch in Southwest Montana, her lick treats are handcrafted in small batches. They are top quality, and beautifully made! 

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Horses Hanging Lick Treats
Horse & Herd hanging lick treats for horses

What's in it?

The Original Blend is made with: 

  • One and a half cup of organic whole oats
  • One cup of Big Sky Organic Feed alfalfa pellets
  • One half cup of Triple Crown Golden Ground Flax Seed
  • Two cups of cane sugar and one cup of corn syrup
The Omega-3 Flax Seed Lick Treat only has 3 ingredients, with 5 cups of stabilized ground flax seed in each treat. The Himalayan Pink Salt Electrolyte Lick Treat has all the goodness of the Original Treat with added pink salt for the extra nutritional benefit. 

The Original Blend


Pink Salt Electrolyte Blend


Omega-3 Flax Seed Blend


horses love hanging treats
All natural lick treats for horses
Nutritional Treats Hanging Lick Ball