The Ugly Side of Clicker Training

Clicker training is awesome. I can 100% vouch for that, because I see the results firsthand every day.  But like all things, it can be a bad thing in the wrong hands. The bad reputation that clicker training has earned is due to the technique that uses a clicker, not because of the clicker itself. Just like the classic "the bit is not a weapon, it is the hand that wields it" or however those things go! Here is some information on how to keep clicker training a positive experience, and some stories about some struggles I've had to figure out.

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Natural Homemade Remedies for Horses

Safe and natural products are my favorite, but they are usually way out of my price range. I spent a lot of time reading up on what to use as a homemade remedy for thrush and white line, and discovered a mixture that has been proving to do wonders at a very affordable cost! Unrefined coconut oil as a moisturizer has been a favorite for almost a year, and lavender spray for calming is quickly becoming one of my go-to items! Continue reading "Natural Homemade Remedies for Horses"

Just your average day

I've had some interest in people wanting to see what I do with Moxie on an average day, so this video shows the progression of a typical "easy", at liberty play session and the things we do. I had to cut a lot out for time, but the entire session lasted about 45-60 min. A lot of the time is spent basically giving Moxie breaks to think, where I just give her a treat and let her stand for a bit. The rest of the time is just doing whatever tricks we both feel like doing (minus the rear, for now) and just trying to get her to stay connected to me and watching my movements. Continue reading "Just your average day"


Well, hello! We have made this blog in response to the large number of people we have encountered that have no idea what clicker training is, or the many benefits it can lend to your relationship with your horse. On this site, we will be discussing ideas and views of training, how to use clicker training, our own personal experiences with our horses, and any other topics we think should be addressed. With that, please keep an open mind while reading our discussions and posts; we never mean to put down other beliefs, simply to state our own thoughts and reasonings behind why we believe what we do. So thanks for visiting, and we hope you take away something from our writings!DSC_0652