Hug Tutorial

One of my personal favorite tricks is the “hug”. I like it because it really feels like a hug, and it also seems like Tucker understands that I enjoy it more than just as a trick. It is something that seems to make him happy as a way of expressing affection in a language we both understand, along with "kiss."

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The Ugly Side of Clicker Training

Clicker training is awesome. I can 100% vouch for that, because I see the results firsthand every day.  But like all things, it can be a bad thing in the wrong hands. The bad reputation that clicker training has earned is due to the technique that uses a clicker, not because of the clicker itself. Just like the classic "the bit is not a weapon, it is the hand that wields it" or however those things go! Here is some information on how to keep clicker training a positive experience, and some stories about some struggles I've had to figure out.

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